Tips For Choosing The Right Snooker Table

Snooker is quite popular across the world. It is a favorite sport of many. Due to the immense popularity of snooker, there are several manufacturers who sell snooker accessories and tables. Buying a snooker table often proves to be a tough choice. This is because there are huge varieties of snooker tables available in the market. Many people often confuse a snooker table with a pool table. The main point of difference between the two is their size. Pool tables are smaller than snooker tables. Another point of difference between the two types of tables is that the snooker balls are smaller.

Buying a snooker table

For a good game of snooker, using a snooker table instead of a pool table is recommended. If you are looking to buy a good snooker table, the following tips may prove to be quite useful.

Measure the area

Before starting your search for a good snooker table, it is advisable to measure the exact area where the table is to be placed. It is essential to ensure that there is some extra footage left around the table edges. This is important in order to allow good cueing. Many cues may be as long as 6ft. Such cues may require a considerable amount of extra space. Snooker tables are usually available in a range of sizes. However, for playing high standard games, it is advisable to buy full size tables which are usually 12ft long and 6ft wide.

Slate thickness

The thickness of the slate defines the quality of the snooker table. It is hence advisable to buy snooker tables which have a minimum thickness of 1’’. This thickness of the tables can help prevent breakages and also ensure a better surface for playing. Green cloth is usually used for covering the slate. Other types of colours may however also be chosen.

The accessories

Before buying snooker tables, it is advisable to check the accessories which are given along with it. Many retailers offer extra items like balls, scoreboards and cues along with the snooker table. However, they may charge an extra amount for these items. It is hence advisable to compare the prices of various tables and take into consideration the extra items offered with them.

Snooker tables prove to be timeless if maintained properly. They generally last for years. In order to make them last longer, it is advisable to invest in buying durable snooker tables. You may consider buying snooker tables and pool cues in Melbourne by T&R Sports. The company is well known for providing quality snooker tables. While buying snooker tables it is also advisable to evaluate your needs and make the choice accordingly.